Developing a Strategic Counter-balancing Institution

Think Thanks have been in existence for more than 100 years having started in the United Kingdom and then in the United States. Today, there are over 6,500 Think Tanks around the world according to the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania, which conducts research on the role Think Tanks play in government and society. Nearly 60% of all Think Tanks in the world are based in the United States or Europe.


A Think Tank, also known as a policy institute, research institute, … etc., is an organization that performs in-depth research, followed by detailed recommendations, concerning topics such as political strategy, military strategy, finance and economics, social policy, technology, and culture. In addition, Think Tanks play a leading role in shaping public policy by advocating, promoting and lobbying for their causes backed by their research.
Most Think Tanks are non-profit organizations, which in some countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom allow them to operate on a tax-free basis. These organizations, however, are in no way charities. They are mainly funded by governments, large corporations, and influential wealthy individuals.

Think Tank Objectives

Think Tanks have long realized the value of knowledge and that ‘knowledge is power.’ As such, they are in the business of promoting and ultimately executing their strategic objectives, whether it is by changing public opinion through their use of the media, lobbying governments to change their policies, or promoting new laws and regulations.

Why Quorum?

The founding members of Quorum are worried and concerned about the recent developments in the global economy and geopolitical events in the Middle East. In particular, they are concerned about their ability to preserve and maintain their wealth, sovereignty and national security. We believe that there are no other Think Tanks that are properly addressing these issues and concerns. Therefore, Quorum has been established to advocate, promote and lobby for these issues for the benefit of its members as well as those affected by these economic and geopolitical events.